4 Ways to get a perfect lehenga

August 10, 2019 Comment

When someone says “Wedding” all we think about is the red long skirt with a cute little blouse and a veil or dupatta #Lehenga. We only think about the girl who is going to tie the knot, nobody cares about the guy in suit/tux.

Lehenga is considered as an elegant, royal and dramatic outfit of all time especially in India. Thinking about the lehenga our mind goes to the famous designer of all time “Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre and so on. These designers act as influencers in promoting their style and fashion to the wedding industry.

Wedding Industry portraits a perfect picture of the happy couple. Lately the two big celebrity wedding took a lot of attend in fashion and style. The big weddings of Deepika -Ranveer and Priyanka-Jonas a perfect royal wedding. They act as an influencers promoting the brand and giving their own touch of fashion. Both their dresses where designed by Sabyasachi and they are so different in style.

First pictures of Priyanka Chopra’s wedding dress (and lehenga …

Due to these we get influenced that we should get a perfect red dress like them on the big day. It doesn’t always supposed to be a red dress, everyone has their own style so varying is common. “The Red Dress” is suppose to be the cultural colour of the wedding dress in India and we see nowadays our elders are compromised with whatever we select.

A bride replicated Priyanka Chopra’s red wedding lehenga look

Its stressful to shop the wedding lehenga, everybody knows that and we all know that its for that one day that everyone remembers. Stressful part is the cost of the dress, fitting, perfect opinion and slay factor.

Let’s help you out here those who are struggling:

  1. Stalking:

Stalk all the magazines, latest wedding couples page, wedding ideas in Instagram, Pinterest; basically every social media you possibly can. This will help you get an idea of your own style and will help you give an imaginary view of what you want to be on that day.

  • Online:

For any brand you have in mind, please check the style of what you pictured is available in the shop. Get a good look and ask your brides maid or parents for some additional suggestion if your confused with options.

  • Go to store:

Go to all the stores and check out the lehenga by wearing it. You will get a better picture and clarity in what you want. Don’t select it there, check all your options take pictures, take half an hour or a day or a minute it doesn’t matter to chose your lehenga.

  • Cost:

Cost factor plays a big role. Take a minute check these factor and don’t overspend on a low quality one but at the same time try to get the deals and we love discounts check all and take your final decision.

By the end of it, you will land on a perfect wedding lehenga.

~ Shirley

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