Tips to choose the perfect lehenga based on the skin tone!

September 17, 2019 Comment

Are you dreaming to be talk of the town and steal the show with your stupendous outfit? Then undoubtedly you have reached the right spot! With the wedding trends changing every now and then, it is very important that every bride-to-be is always updated, so that she can look the best on her wedding dat. Here are some top ideas to choose the right lehenga which suits your complexion!

Most of the brides go for the same classic red lehengas. But if red doesn’t suit you or you don’t want to wear it, there’s no need to go for it. There are certain colors which are meant to suit a particular complexion. Choose the wedding outfit which suits your skin tone the best. If a particular color is trending, it doesn’t mean you are pledged to buy only that color. Identifying your skin tone is the first step before deciding the color of the lehenga. Note it down. These simple tips here will guide you in your journey to select the perfect lehenga color. 

Lehengas for brides with light skin tone:

Brides with a fair complexion can pick any of the following colors: Sky blue, Scarlet, Emerald green, Pink and Lemon yellow. Choose colors lying on the lighter end of the spectrum. Avoiding grey or brown is better as they tend to make the bride with light skin tone look dull.

Lehengas for brides with medium skin tone:

Brides with a medium skin tone should go for colors that bring out the warmth in their complexion. If you are between medium to light skin tone, opt for the lehengas in block shades, shades that have not been mixed and matched and are original to the true colors. One can try colors like Lilac, Orange, Rust Red, Chrome yellow, Leaf Green and pastels.

Lehengas for brides with a dark brown skin tone:

If you are a bride with dark brown skin tone searching for the right bridal lehenga color, Mint Green, Burnt orange, Peach, Beige, Pastel purple, Rust, Jade, Emerald and Deep pink are your best friends. Avoid colors that are far too bright like maroon, ultra-bright colors and neon. If you really like a neon lehenga, wear it with a pastel blouse. 

The above colors and tips should guide you to get a clear picture in your mind to choose the lehenga which suits you the best based on your skin tone! Rock you day!

~ Steffina & Grace

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