The Steps to your Perfect Wedding

September 3, 2019 Comment

So you’ve just been engaged and the next step is getting married. But you’re bombarded with all the specifics such as your budget, who’s paying for what, finding a dress, getting wedding vendors, booking venues, and the list goes on. So to make it easier here are some ways to make your big day as magical as you want it to be.

Decide on The Broad Details

So to begin the process of wedding planning you want to create an idea of where you want the wedding, the venue,your theme, an estimated budget, the wedding date, how many guests, and any personal wants.

Discuss It with Family

Next discuss the following with your family and see what they think of your plans for the big day. In addition discuss who will pay for what and how much they would be willing to pay for each thing.

Create an Inspiration Board

Create an Inspiration Board to map out your ideas. Inspo Boards help unleash your personal visions for the day.  Include pictures of your desired dress/ tux style, floral arrangements, venue set up, theme colors, cake design, reception tables set up, and anything extra. Inspo Boards can be made any way from a board on Pinterest to a wedding binder with all your desired details.  

Search/Hire for Vendors

Now that you have an Idea of how you want your wedding to be next thing is to search for vendors to meet your every need. Things you will need a vendor for is the catering, music, florist, photography/ videography, decoration, hair/ makeup, and just about everything you want. Vendor availability and pricing will be based on the date of the wedding and season. Once you find vendors that are available and meet your requirements hire them.

Get on to the Preparations

Now that vendors have been hired next step is to work with them to every aspect of the wedding day the way you envisioned it. It’s good to be in constant contact with them to make sure things go right on time and as you planned. 

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day is the busiest of them all especially with setting up the venue/ reception hall, getting ready, and just the rush/excitement of getting married. But in the end all the hard work will pay off.

Get Married 

So the last step but certainly not the least is to get married!!!

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