The Royal Wedding

August 30, 2019 Comment

Have you ever dream of your big day? The day that is making lifetime memories, the day that gets your “Happily ever After” mode on, the day when you are tangled together in love with your soul mate. Okay How about you having a Royal Wedding just like Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? Yes, you read it right! The Royal wedding! Trust me with some research and a way better planning you can set your dream wedding come true. Be it a classic wedding ceremony with elegant reception or you want to add some flavors to your wedding plan, here are few tips that can help kick start your planning.

  1. Save the dates:

The first and fore most thing on your to do list is as always fixing a date for your wedding. Choose a date that goes well with the family and friends. If you are choosing a weekend or public holiday, then plan ahead to avoid last hour rush.

2. Let the World know:

Once the wedding date is fixed let your friends and family know about your special day so that they can plan accordingly. It is very essential to keep the guest list on track so that you can plan for their stay.

3. Budgeting:

Here comes the very important tool that keeps you calm in your planning step. “Come on, its one-time celebration, just do it”, “Why are spending on all this?” you would hear lotta suggestions. Listen to suggestions but stick to your budget. After all you know how much you have in your pocket. Make your budget for each and everything from the scratch. Along the budgeting you could hunt your dream wedding and narrow down the options.

  • Book the Venue:

Search for party halls or wedding halls depending on your guest list. Nowadays we have so many options to plan your wedding. Be it a classic traditional wedding you need a marriage hall or banquet hall, or you plan for outdoor weddings, beach wedding whatever your dream is you have spot on options in town. Browse for options, inquire and Fix the spot of your dreams.

  • Catering:

Trust me, people may forget your wedding but not the sumptuous food that you served. Search for catering services in your place. Plan your menu, discuss with the caterers and get them help into your dream project.

  • Shopping:

Here comes the never-ending step of wedding. List down your big day vision. Sketch out & discuss with your soulmate how you both must look on your wedding. Choose the wedding dress and search for the best places that has huge variety of options. Be it silk sarees, wedding gown, lehengas, suits, blazer, sherwani, dhoti, whatever you dream to be, with good research skills you can get what you want with your budget.

  • Photographer:

Choosing a photographer is the most important step in a wedding plan as your lifetime cherishing moments are being captured in the lens. Gone are the days of the couple’s boring stereotype wedding poses. Now we have bridal portraits, pre wedding photoshoot, outdoor photoshoot. Look for the candid photographer in town, talk with them and choose the one that you and your spouse is comfortable with.

Planning for your wedding could be overwhelming and a bit stressful at times. But these are few tips to give you a heads up on where to start. Now it’s easier to plan as everything is available in your phone. Just look for options, do a research, delegate some to do things to your family or friends. On your big day wear your smile, enjoy and celebrate your big day with your soul mate and give a pat to yourself and be proud that you nailed your dream project “The Royal wedding”.

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