The Mehndi ceremony

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What is Mehndi?

Mehndi is a form of body art originating from the Indian subcontinent. The Mehndi paste, made from the dried powdered leaves of the henna plant, is applied on the hands and feet to the bride in a colorful pre-wedding ceremony celebrated the day before the marriage. 

The significance of Mehndi in a wedding

The bride who adorns the Mehndi waits for the paste to make a dark stain, as it is believed that the darker the stain of the Mehndi, the more the groom-to-be will love the bride. The Mehndi paste is also supposed to cool down the body and relieve the bride of any stress before her big day. 

Photo Courtesy: Vipul Sharma Photography

The Mehndi party

The Mehndi ceremony is a traditional Indian ritual followed religiously by the bride’s side, inviting all the female members of the family to celebrate the bride and wish her a happy and prosperous life. The guests coming to the Mehndi ceremony also choose to apply Mehndi on themselves continued by some fun and frolic. It’s usually accompanied with some serious dancing and a nice sumptuous meal.

Photo Courtesy: Makeup by Ekta Gulani 

The Mehndi artists

Choosing the Mehndi artists team to tackle the bridal party is a humungous task. The Mehndi artists should not only cater to the bride but also cater to the entire crowd waiting to have fun at the ceremony. It is also quite common for the bridal Mehndi artist to try and hide the name of the groom in the beautiful intricate design on the bride’s hand and it is the groom’s responsibility to find his name from the design. To find the perfect team of bridal mehndi artists, click here.

Below are some wedding fascinating Mehndi designs to get inspired from.

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