Kashmiri type wedding lehenga

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Kashmir is said to be a place where the ethnicity of tribal culture of years has been followed. As it is close to Pakistan so the majority of the population is Muslims. Hindus mostly consist of Pandits and they too follow the same dressing culture as the Muslim. So it stays as a cultural part for years.

Colours for the lehenga mostly consist of red/green/golden for the wedding ritual and varies for the reception. The dress basically consists of three parts: Lehenga, Karakul and Jewellery.


kashmiri lehenga

Everything is said to be a grandeur when it comes to Kashmiri weddings, yes the lehenga is said to be a high end grand with all hand worked Kundan and jumki embroidery. Lehenga top is like a princess cut top which comes near the waist of the bride. Embroidery and transparent material cover the entire hand. Lehenga skirt is like straight line with a flare in the bottom and more flare with more embroidery. The dupatta is long and flared with a lot of material and embroidery as it is used to cover the head of the bride.


The cap is called as Karakul also known as Jinnah cap was initially a culture of Pakistan and followed by the popular Muslim leader in Kashmir called Sheikh Abdullah. The people in Kashmir still wear the typical skull cap. So as a part of a wedding ritual dress, the cap is an important piece to portrait. The cap is hand worked with a head jewel falling forward to the centre or the side of the headgear.


The jewellery is said to be statement to the grandeur with all beads of pearl and green/red/golden stones embedded all over the jewellery. It will act as a elegent showpiece to the wedding lehenga.

The best reference for Kashmiri type of wedding lehenga is “Rockstar” Bollywood movie “Nargis Fakhri” her red lehenga and the entire silhouette will give a good picture of the lehenga.

Last but not least every bride rocks on their wedding. Rock on Kashmiri bride with your culture. ~Shirley Benita Dharmaraj

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