Islamic Weddings 101

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Islam is a religion that is widespread and practiced by many and there’s no doubt that it’s weddings are just as sacred as its followers. Islamic Weddings are a contract between the couple and god. Islamic Wedding Ceremonies are equal in grandeur to Hindu Weddings but they have less of a party like atmosphere to them. Each Wedding is different depending on the family and their customs.

Marriage Arrangements

So there are two ways a spouse gets chosen one way is arranged marriage the next one is where the guy/girl picks who they want to marry and get approval from the parents. So for anyone who isn’t familiar with arranged marriage it is when a girls family picks a suitable husband for their daughter and certain criteria is factored into their decision such as job, education, family, earnings, and more.

The Meher

The Meher is the part of the contract where the groom has to state how much monetary value he will give to the bride. This can be given in many ways such as cash, jewelry, land, property, etc. The bride is allowed to spend this at her own free will unless the couple breaks up before consummation.

The Nikkah

The Nikka also known as the Engagement is where the marriage contract is signed and the groom formally proposes to the bride in with at least two witnesses present. The bride and groom accept the marriage by reciting the word “ qabul “ ( i accept ) three times. If there is separation of genders at the nikah then there is a male that stand’s in on the bride’s behalf.

Mehendi Ceremony

Muslim people also participate in Mehendi Ceremonies just like Hindu people and the Ceremony is done the same way in both Hindu and Muslim settings.


This is the official marriage where the Bride goes to the Groom’s house and they are officially married. There are sacred texts read to officiate the marriage as well as blessings from family and friends.


The Istikhara ritual

This is basically an after party and and religious texts are also read here to bless the couple and their marriage.

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