Hindu Wedding Customs and Traditions

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Hindu Weddings are the most common weddings in Indian especially since Hinduism the most prevalent religion in India. Most people know Hindu weddings are glamorous and elaborate with multiple events. Each of these events have a beautiful yet sacred meaning. The events may vary depending on region of India but this is the more general events.

The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date is picked by an Astrologer or Hindu Priest. The Families will then tell the priest the prefered time they’d like the wedding and give the horoscopes of the bride and groom. The Priest will then give dates in the prefered time that match with the stars/planets. Lastly when both families find a date they favour they pick it.

The Engagement Ceremony

The Engagement Ceremony is a very Formal event celebrated with family and friends this officiates not only the bride and groom coming together but both families coming into a union. There are many things that are done during the engagement such as gifts exchanged by both families, blessings given by a priest, and of course a big engagement party. 

The Mehendi Ceremony


The Mehendi Ceremony is where the bride gets Mehendi done on her hands and legs. There is music, dancing, and just spending time with family. For this ceremony the attendance is limited to family, close friends, and those in the bridal party. Also if other girls wish to get Mehendi they can get it done.

The Haldi Ceremony

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The Haldi Ceremony is done the day before the Wedding and during this both bride and groom will get haldi ( a mixture of rosewater and turmeric powder ) applied on their cheeks, arms, and legs. This is followed by kkumkkum (vermillion)  placed on the forehead. This is done to make the bride and groom beautiful before the wedding. This event is done separately in the bride respective homes.

The Sangeet

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The Sangeet is done the night before the Wedding where both Bride and Groom family get together for a night of music, games, and performances. This is done to get and pre-wedding jitters out and keep the liveliness.

The Wedding Day

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On the Wedding Day the bride will get a seperate puja (a prayer) done for her by a hindu priest this is to bless the bride before the wedding. When the time of the Wedding comes around the Groom is the First one to be present and he also with go through with some puja making promises that he will be a faithful husband. Then the Main Ceremony where the bride and groom walk around a fire seven times, the thali is tied, and much more. 

Post Wedding 

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Post Wedding Traditions vary based on region but the most common one is the Vidaai where the bride throws five handfuls of rice behind her to signify wealth and prosperity. Then the brother of the bride will then push the car she leaves in to show their support and as the bride everyone throws cash to ward off evil spirits.

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