Finding the perfect wedding saree!

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Marriage is an art and matches are made in heaven!! Zillions of colors and brush strokes make it a remarkable love story for every couple. And wedding is the celebration of this love, commitment and friendship not just of two people who are in it but between the friends and families. As blissful as that sounds, who knew wedding shopping could be so stressful?! The plethora of wedding dress questions – what would you want to wear, how many would you need, what color is going to look drop dead gorgeous on you, which designer should we have it customized from, what accessories would you want to wear with it and the list goes on.. Let’s tackle one at a time.. Finding the perfect wedding saree!!!

For a bride-to-be, choosing the bridal silk Saree can be a nerve-wrecking task. Those yards of beauty can be both classy and stylish with attractive designer prints. A touch of kohl-rimmed eyes with mascara, bridal glow from the makeup, a little red lipstick, chic hairstyle adorned by flowers and the jewelry can make this ethnic look totally glamorous. 

Photo Courtesy : VB Studio India

Absolutely everyone will have an opinion when the bride wants to choose her wedding Saree. Some will say stick to red, yellow and green which are considered the auspicious colors for a wedding. There are so many classic colors for Sarees which with contrast borders make a statement on your wedding day. But it’s up to to the bride to choose to make the decision. But there are some important things you should consider before the bride settles on the color of the Saree – The backdrop of your wedding venue and what your partner is going to wear. It’s better to stick to dark colors if your wedding venue backdrop is bright or with fresh flowers. And never forget to communicate with your partner before you decide on colors to contrast or partially match with the groom.  

Photo Courtesy : Studio A by Amar Ramesh

As for the Saree itself it’s preferred to stick to a smaller border and smaller prints on the Saree if the bride wants to look taller on her D-day without the help of heels. Ultimately choose a Saree in which you have pictured yourself in your mind, elegant and absolutely gorgeous. The one which makes your heart thump when you look at it. The one which would make you feel like a queen. 

Photo Courtesy : Studio A by Amar Ramesh

Now, as for those gorgeous bridal blouses which would make the Saree an ethereal beauty… Well, that’s another blog post for another time. 

~ Grace

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