Finding exquisite jewelry to go with the bridal saree!

August 25, 2019 Comment

Everyone eagerly awaits to look at what the bride wore on her wedding day. The bridal look is never complete without the bridal jewelry. A resplendent bride wearing an intricate embroidered blouse, draped beautifully in a silk Saree with the most magnificent jewelry is a sight to behold. And every bride wants to be that..!

All brides fancy of adorning themselves in the most exquisite jewelry on their wedding day. It needs meticulous planning as it takes up the major part of the expenses for the wedding shopping. Loads of research is needed to understand what the bride needs to wear to elevate the wedding Saree to the next level. Browse for bridal jewelry pictures from Internet, Pinterest and Instagram and bookmark them to make people around you understand what you are trying to look for. It’s an investment and so make sure to buy jewelry with higher resale value. It’s always best to choose something in which you feel confident and comfortable.

Photo Courtesy: Vijay Eesam & Co.

Trying the jewelry is also very important while deciding the bridal jewelry. Some designs might look better in pictures, but the bride needs to try it on to see if it looks good on her. Carrying a picture of the bridal outfit while trying at the jewelers will help you focus on what looks best. 

Photo Courtesy: Vijay Eesam & Co.

If you want jewelry that is very elaborate just for the wedding day but never plan on wearing it again in the near future, opt for antique gold plated silver jewelry. There are plenty of bridal jewelry rental boutiques where you could rent these intricate pieces of beauty. Here are some beautiful brides adorned in dazzling jewelry.

Makeup from the professional bridal makeup artist is imperative for a bride to put her best face forward glamorously with confidence. We’ll discuss that elaborately in my next post.. Until later, Toodles!

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