Dressing up in Romantic Florals

October 6, 2019 Comment

Where flowers bloom, so does hope!
Lady Bird Johnson

Do you love sea breeze? Do you delight in the sweet smell of cinnamon? Do you relish your black tea with a dash of honey? Do you admire the charming suppleness of the Bulgarian rose? Do you fancy visiting the Japanese cherry blossoms or the whitewashed cliffs of Santorini for a dream holiday? If your answer is yes for most of these questions, then you’re undoubtedly a bride who has an eye for the floral attires, which are charismatic, hopelessly romantic, delicate and downright gorgeous, all at the same time.

A floral dress is like our favorite little black dress – it makes a perfect statement and is always relevant. Designing the blooms in the wedding outfit has been a timeless choice for generations bygone and those to come. One can never deny the fact that floral outfits bring out the dormant femininity in the bride. 

So now, let’s take a ride through the attires, that the bride would want to get inspired from, for her pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies.


It’s imperative for the bride to look ravishing on the day the families exchange their whole-hearted consent for the impending wedding. A Sharara with a splendid combination of colors, embroideries and fabric could be a very classy choice for the bride. If the bride wants a lehenga, it’s best to opt for simplistic yet charming block printed florals with thread work.


An effortless way to rock this day is to don a blouse with heavy floral applique or zardosi work, paired up with a simple skirt in sheer or net fabric. A lightweight floral lehenga paired with an embroidered blouse also adds the right dosage of femininity without being too flamboyant. 


The Sangeet outfit can be colorful, fun and flirty, which gives ample choice for the bride to step up the floral game with a fashion-forward one-of-a-kind outfit. An Edgy floral embroidered skirt adorned alongside a blouse with ruffles would easily grab everyone’s attention. 


The colorful vibes and the lively bridal squad make florals a quintessential part of the Mehndi ceremony. Adding floral accessories with jewelry create an exotic boho look for the bride.

Chura and Kalire

Floral kalires tied by the bride’s sister and friends are the perfect way to accentuate the bridal look. A wide variety of flowers both real and artificial are used these days to attain that impeccable look.


Floral accessories are the most common and popular choice for the bride during the Haldi ceremony, adding to her charm and beauty. 


Imagine a beautiful summer wedding by the meadows or the shores of a calm and serene beach. As the bride and groom take the Pheras, the floral elements capture the fragile yet divine appeal of the wedding ceremony all the while displaying a scintillating talk show for the bride. The versatility of florals is that it works on anything from softer hues to saturated dark tones.

Now that we are refreshed with the floral inspirations from above, let’s look at the classic and timeless conventional bridal outfits in our next post. Until then… Toodles!

~ Soundzz & Grace

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