Choosing the right makeup artist for the big day

August 30, 2019 Comment

One of the most important decisions the bride takes on her wedding day is choosing the right makeup. It should reflect the bride’s charisma and elevate the wedding attire to a whole new level.  The bride can either trust on her own skills or else select the perfect bridal makeup artist to accomplish what she has on her mind. 

It’s imperative for the bride to understand not all bridal makeup artists can accomplish the looks that she needs. A lot of research needs to be put in before deciding the makeup artist. It’s necessary to start as early as possible and review different makeup artists work on different brides. Take as much reference as possible, looking at the biggest trends at the time and take pictures or diagrams, before actually approaching the bridal makeup artist. 

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Always and I mean, always request a trial makeup session before deciding the makeup artist. It gives the bride a chance to interact with the makeup artist, get him/her to understand the bride’s needs and the different looks the bride needs him/her to accomplish, make him/her understand what the bride has in mind and get suggestions from them before finalizing the final look for the big day. The bridal hair style also needs to be kept in mind while deciding on the makeup. 

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Ensure the bridal makeup accents the outfit, not overdo it. It’s better to stick with dramatic eye-makeup and darker lipstick, if the bride is wearing muted colors. If you are wearing bold colors, avoid dark shades and prioritize either eye or the lip makeup, not both. And last but definitely not the least, don’t forget about the skin. A proper skincare regime is advised for months preceding the wedding for a healthy glow and suppleness to the skin.

Photo Courtesy : Studio A by Amar Ramesh

And finally, the bride shouldn’t forget about the wedding party. Always discuss who all are going to get ready along with the bride, discuss the cost and time schedule, so that the bridal makeup artist can bring in assistants to help the bridal party get ready on time. 

Now, that we’ve covered the traditional bridal look attire, jewelry and makeup, let’s get inspired by some amazing bridal mehendi designs on our next post. Until then..

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