Bridal Makeup 101

September 3, 2019 Comment

There are certain elements that go into making a bride look her best on her wedding day. From her hair, makeup, and the dress. But one of the most focal points out of these three is the makeup. So here are some things you need to know about bridal makeup.

Glam, Soft Glam, Natural 

There are many different ways to do makeup for weddings but the main three are glam, soft glam, and natural ( soft glam and natural are more appropriate or weddings ). 

Glam Makeup

Glam Makeup

Glam Makeup involves intense contouring, flashy highlights, dramatic eye looks, and a bold lip color. This specific look is made to accentuate features to make you stand out. 

Soft Glam Makeup

Soft Glam Makeup is similar to Glam Makeup the difference being the look is more toned down with more softer colors.

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup is used to accentuate the natural features. It involves a light contour, a soft glow, and a calmer eye look.

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