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Best Wedding Planner Services In India

The Wedding Planner Services provided by The Perfect Wedding Hub, have always awestruck the brides and grooms and their families by the service rendered. Indian culture socked with its authenticity, we help you create and plan an authentic wedding day.
“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage. “ –Zalda Fitzgerald


In the heat of the moment, with the showers of flowers and happy smiles as they recite their vows holding hands and looking into each of their eyes off the cuff.

Full of joys of spring in seventh heaven, as family and friends raise their hands above to bless them.  He tied knots of joy and married the bride, they became Man and Wife. Grin from ear to ear around the corner, wishing and blessing as they evolve to be one.

To experience heart-warming marriages, we at The Perfect Wedding Hub help you customise your perfect wedding.

“With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, May my heart be you are shelter, and my arms be your home.”

From “Yes” to “I do”, we help you plan and customise your wedding. A wedding that reflects the couple you are, you are a step away from experiencing the magic at the drop of a hat.

Build your Checklist and wish list together as a couple:

  • Manage your wedding guest list.
  • Arrange your seating charts.
  • Manage your wedding vendors.
  • Create and manage your Wedding Budget.
  • Sent invites.
  • Experience all this a click away.

As pleasant and delightful as it seems on the wedding day, the behind scenes to make the day a memorable one for life is chaotic and messy than you know it. Worry less cause we are the best at wedding planning, you can have your own fairy tale with us.

Running multiple errands and always on the move to meet the wedding planners we got it all under the one roof, we are the Best online wedding planner. Hop into to our website to venture the unventured.

Wedding Vendors

Man hunting for the best vendors? It’s all taken care in Perfect Wedding Hub, our vendors are from different cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata spread across India who help you make your special day extra special

Wedding Plans

Starting with the theme till pitching in every minute details, we at Perfect Wedding Hub help you and make your dream wedding a perfect memory to cherish.

Wedding Organisers

A perfect plan is never fulfilled without coming to life. Our wedding organiser at The Perfect Wedding Hub, will help track down all the vendors and work on creating every minute little detail and organise it all. Our wedding organiser are elite organiser who have infield experiences and have always made the bride and groom live it all on their wedding day.

How to Plan an Indian Wedding?

India is known for its variety of culture and diversity. Each region in India have their own authentic way of planning and celebrating the wedding. “Kalyanam” “shaadee” “vivaham” “maduve” are few terms used to address marriage in different regions of India. Planning an Indian wedding is an art only few can master. Each type of wedding is accustomed with its own culture and authentic orthodox traditions. Knowing all the cultures and customs spread across India. We help you plan an amazingly Indianite wedding of your style.

Wedding Planning in Chennai

Chennai is a dream city, is a dream wedding destination for Madrasis.
Diversity is the culture of Chennai. Despite its diversities, weddings in Chennai are called Kalyanam.


Hindu wedding, with its turmeric and kunkumam and the scent of the flowers spread across the madman.

Christian wedding with its Indo western cultural indulged traditions, walking down the aisle with the white gowns, a veils and suits with the bridesmaid gang teasing them all way.

Muslim wedding with flower veils covering the faces of bride and groom, hugs and tears as they recite the prayers to become one.
Be it an outdoor wedding in the beach to the orthodox wedding in temple, we at Perfect Wedding Hub help you customize your dream weddingn

Easy to find Vendors at Every Budget for your wedding

We fit in both Luxury Wedding planners and Budget Wedding planner’s shoes. We provide the best of both world service to whale of time on your wedding day.
“In the arithmetic of love. One plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.”
-Mignon McLaughlin

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